Seconds Out. Short film. Directed by Philip Barantini.
Manchester, UK. July, 2018.

Party like a Maccabee. Music video. Directed by Frederick Hutton-Mills.
Manchester, UK. Abril, 2018.

I´m yours. Short film. Directed by Joel Malone.
Manchester, UK. March, 2018.

Early Days. Web series. Directed by Harry Sherriff.
Manchester, UK. July, 2017.

Pretty. Short film. Directed by Chris Green.
Manchester, UK. May, 2017.

Jack. Short film. Directed by Charlotte Barlow.
Manchester, UK. March, 2017.

10% Service Charge​. Short film. Directed by Alison Wenner.
Manchester, UK. February, 2017.

I want your love. Music video. Directed by Alison Wenner.
Manchester, UK. December, 2016.

Let me in​. Short film. Directed by Max Dawikzewski.
Manchester, UK. December, 2016.

Vote Debra Gray. Feature film. Social Fantasy Productions Ltd.
Directed by Paul McDonahue
Manchester, UK. September, 2016.

Out of this world​. Short film. Directed by Gareth Soens-Hughes
Manchester, UK. September, October, November, 2016.

Open Mic. Short film. Directed by Rick Griffiths.
Manchester, UK. September, 2016.

Chippy Tea. Short film. Directed by Will Herbert.
Made in conjunction with Creative England – iShorts3.
Manchester, UK. July, 2016.

Through the eyes of my meal. Silent Dog pictures.
New York, USA. March, 2015.

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